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Originally Posted by dub1h View Post
What would be the benefit of a mono person dating someone who was poly? Is the only gain to be able to spend time with that particular person, who doesn't have eyes for only you, even though that's how you feel about them?
Well, if you are mono and have time consuming hobbies that would normally annoy a mono partner, having someone with more partners could be a benefit.

Just because you are mono doesn't mean you want a full time partner or serious commitment...that might be a benefit to a casual poly relationship. In fact it could be a safety mechanism to avoid normal monogamous commitment things like marriage or family functions.

If you question your own motives for being mono (conditioning or wiring) having a poly relationship could force you to look very deep into yourself.

Do I think it is recommended or wise to actively seek out a relationship with a poly person if you are mono?....definitely not, but I don't think it is wise for a poly person to seek out a mono partner either.

For me personally there is only one advantage...and her name is Redpepper!!

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