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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
The reality as I see it is that swinging is all about sex with little to no emotional connection. This movement has been around since the 60's and is fairly well accepted by the public at large.
Sorry the bolded bit made me laugh a bit. Fairly well accepted? Perhaps you have a different definition of that compared to what is in my mind.

People in western society these days are docile creatures for the most part. Most won't get violent and start a mob over such things, or really, anything, so if fairly well accepted to you means a lack of angry mob coming down the street to find the swingers, I would agree.

Swingers to most are like homosexuals, it's something they will never do, but they can tolerate it to some extent. However you would be able to "convert" more people to poly thinking than swinging, by far. It's just how humans prefer things, real connections. I could show the advantages of polyamory in a logical way to anyone with a brain, swinging is merely about short term fun and is incredibly difficult to sell to anyone except sex addicts. Which I'm guessing make up the bulk of the swinging scene.

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