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Originally Posted by Indigomontoya View Post
Um wow. Ok so number one stop her giving you comparisons. It's not healthy for either of's just hurtful. I don't think this will end well if it keeps up because now you're in direct competition by HER doing and in her eyes. If she loved you and cared about your feelings she wouldn't have done the comparison, at least vocally to begin with...
^this. There's a difference between honesty and saying things that you know will be hurtful. There are always ways to say things that show comapssion. Even if she had said something about liking doing XY and Z with the OG it would have been less hurtful than to say to you that she enjoyed sex with him more. Sex with different people is just different, not better or worse, just newer and more comfortable.
Everything will be ok in the end. If it's not ok it's not the end.
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