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Originally Posted by TravelGuy25 View Post
Eventually she comes out with that her fiancee has actually asked her to go sleep with another man if he cant satisfy her enough. I think she told me this in order to get the conversation going in this direction but I still hold reservations. I keep telling myself "this girl is about to be married, I'm not that guy".
That day we talk, via text, and it comes out she desperately wanted me to make a move. So now it's on. I am so infatuated with this girl at this point I just push the issues aside and we begin to talk sexually. We really open up about the idea of having a "friends with benefits" relationship and communication is great. She explains her relationship is very different and she needs this. I don't want a relationship and she needs casual sex. So, the agreement is formed and we have to wait a week before meeting up.

We still talk excessively, every day for hours. The night comes and we cant keep our hands off each other long. It was awkward at first but the sex was fantastic. However, I could tell she was confused. As was I. We didn't go into specifics of "what do we do after sex, during sex?".
Originally Posted by TravelGuy25 View Post
This seems more like a love affair.
I cut out as much as I could that would indicate there was no "talking to the fiance," about this actually situation II. Not that they didn't, I am totally assuming because of the reaction he said she had.
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