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Originally Posted by preciselove
Do you ever feel like dressing up like a pimp just for fun to annoy people? Big fur suit, big hat.... It's the kind of thing I'd do. haha!
It doesn't help that long before the poly thing came around, I was known for my awesome Fedora collection, to the point where some people don't recognize me without one. Throw in the fact that with my injury I frequently walk with a cane...

Arguably the cutest/funniest moment in our relationship history:

We're planning an all of us night out at our favorite locals spot. The girls tell me they want to get all dressed up and really make a splash, and essentially lock me out of the 2nd floor of the house (where the two main bathrooms are) for upwards of 3 hours while they get ready. During this time, I get a phone call from an important business contact who is in town for a couple of days and wants to meet with me - at the same place we're going, he likes it there, hey actually I was just on my way there, fortunate coincidence, cool seeya there. No biggie, I can leave our table for a bit and talk to him.

The girls come out to the car.

All three of them dressed up - over the top like cheap streetwalkers.

Tight miniskirts, pushup bras, long blond wigs for two of them, tacky fishnets, stripper heels and thigh-high gogo boots, WAY too much makeup, leather mini-jackets, bustiers - coulda been Halloween or the corner of Arville and Tropicana at 2:30 a.m.

They thought it was hysterical - that morning at breakfast somebody had made the pimp comment, so they thought it was funny and decided to play it up for the night just to make me uncomfortable.

Me - "Ummm - girls..."

Them - various themes on "Oh C'mon, it's just for fun. Play with it!"

Me - "Yeah... Rick just called. He's meeting me - at The Olive - in half an hour."

The Olive is 20 minutes away.

Them - "..." "..." "..."

Me - "Yeah......."

Actually Rick is a very open minded guy and after it sunk in that they were in fact all my girlfriends (he already knew Violet and had met Lana but when she was "just a friend") he thought it was funny as hell and all went well.

But yikes, LMAO.

It didn't help that over the course of the night, after Rick had left, Adrian got a little too drunk and was half passed out in my lap, the other two girls fawning over her and hanging on me, running to the bathroom to get things for her, asking me to order them drinks and hookah... To anyone looking, the effect was complete, lol.

Ah well. Even Violet looks back on that night as one of the high points in our relationship, lol.

And yes, for Halloween last year they made me go as Hef and they all wore bunny suits. Kinda obvious, but it worked, lol.

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