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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
*sigh*.... ah well, now you've gone and cheated. now what.
Um...where'd that get said anywhere in there? I don't think he mentioned verifying the claim directly with the fiancee...but if he has no reason not to trust the girl about the situation, I don't see how that begets cheating.

Originally Posted by TravelGuy25 View Post

I need advice.
What I'm unclear on here TG is what you need advice on?! What part is the issue that you want advice for...there's a bunch of background, but I don't understand the question.

The only one I can kind of find is that you had a FWB situation that you think is maybe turning into something that contains more emotional investment?
Are you concerned about the fiancee knowing or finding out? Letting go of her when it comes time to leave?

Can you clarify what your consternation is?

ETA: While we're at it, can you include in the background where you, her, and the fiancee are from, maybe down to a national level. I'm a little confused between UK, South America and Bar.
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