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I love getting supportive comments here. Thanks, guys!

I have been awfully sick with a cold. Last night was supposed to be romance time for me and Thumper, but I was too bombed out on NyQuil to do anything but pass out. Tonight, T-Rex and I are getting together for our usual Saturday night. I am feeling better, so that will likely be fine unless I have a relapse.

Thumper has the worst luck. This always happens to him, and I swear up and down it isn't me. I always get my damn period on the nights we're together, and it almost always clears up in time for T-Rex. That's just how my pills have timed out with his work schedule.

Dice hate Thumper too. He has the worst luck. Never sending him to Vegas.

And our Sunday morning is off for this week as the kiddo is spending the night here instead of at my mom's and has a birthday party to go to tomorrow. I will miss Sunday lounging.

Still, Thumper has Sunday night off and we are going to a LARP, so I will be in my corset and garters when we get home... that will be fun.
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