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She told you all that?! Bah, that is so unfair and not for you to know I think... that is private stuff and the content more to do with NRE than anything else... of course it is all awesome with him, he is new... in time these things are more about difference in terms of the fact that the two of you are just DIFFERENT!

I know it is hard not to think of it, but you are just as hot, just as desirable and just as awesome as him, regardless of age and stage and anything else for that matter. You don't need to go out and find a girlfriend to find that out.

WHAT! a therapist told you that? That is such bullshit, sorry, therapists should tell clients anything like that I don't think (I am a therapist). What you need to find is inside of you and you have a TON of stuff to work on... your childhood alone is a good place to start. It's all inside you. You are your own primary and you should be looking within to get the confidence you need. She can't give you that, and no one else can either. Only you can do that...

I'm so sorry she said those things to you. That was WAY out of the realm of okay. That is really very damaging to even the most confident of people.

I think she shot herself in the foot by telling you those things... now she has a shit load of work to do to prove to you that you are worthy. She owes you a massive apology I think and a whole lot of sucking up!
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