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Ah Freetime, I'm so sorry you are feeling so low. It is indeed a process, but not the end of the world. Your stamina is being tested... time to slow down. It sounds like she needs a break too if she is sick of your talking about it so much.

Try not to take it personally, its a shame she didn't say she needs a break, but there ya go, things don't always come out the way they are intended... it takes practice to be patient and empathetic in communication. Its hard to not take others in consideration when words come out. I struggle with that too, as do others. Humans are inherently selfish and in a fit of needing something to end, it is easy to throw ones hands up and say "fuck it" or "shut up already" than realize what we are saying is not what we mean... really the language used should be more along the lines of "I need a break for a bit... can you give me 24 hours and then we will talk about it again?" or "I need a break from talking about this for now... talk in the morning?" Very different way of saying it. Emotion does crazy things to our need for some sanity in it all.

Keep at it my friend and agree to take a break for a bit. She has been going great guns it sounds like... it sounds like you have a need to catch up... I highly doubt you really think she should go out and fuck whomever because your marriage is done. From what I have read of you and your marriage, it sounds far from over, just changing... change takes time and taking breaks is totally valid. Totally valid to ask for too.
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