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Wife watches that show a lot. I saw that episode about a month ago and the whole time was thinking "please don't be the wives, please don't be the wives"... I did like the bickering and jealousy issues, as I would think that's a normal part of the life. From Booth's limited point of view, that makes them possible suspects, but from Bones' point of view, its all just normal and fascinating (as usual).

I was a little disappointed when he said the part about loving one more, because a lot of the episode was Booth coming to grips with what seemed weird to him at first - it almost seemed to put it in a "this isn't common, but still perfectly acceptable" light, and then they kept dropping the ball on it. I'm guessing they were pandering to mass audiences with the jibes. It's like watching CSI and thinking they can do half of what they do on the show in real life. It'd be nice if there was a disclaimer to keep the dimmer bulbs out there from reinforcing bad stereotypes.
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