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Originally Posted by CaptainKIDD23 View Post
My wife and I have talked about this, and her truth and honesty (In keeping with full disclosure and having no secrets in our marriage) have been gut wrenching to hear. She admits to finding the sexual relationship with OG to be more intense and enjoyable than with me. She agree's that part of what atrracts her to OG is his age, and that does make a difference when they have sex. His penis is larger than mine and he can maintain sexual involvement for longer than I. She admits to thinking about OG often times when we are making love... Which has been ego shattering to hear. Knowing that sends me into an internal rage againgst OG. Instead of OG being a guy who my wife also loves, he starts to seem like a guy my wife prefers over me.. It hurts so much. But I would rather face my insecurities head on than live in fear of them... My wife assures me that there are many things I provide that OG cannot. She lists my sense of humour, me being well read in a variety of subjects, and my conversational ability.... I am also a wonderul father... Not great compensation for me, after hearing my wife prefers OG sexually.
STOP, STOP, STOP insisting that your wife give you a detailed comparison. What you described here goes beyond "no secrets" and heads into the invation of OG's privacy. IMO their actual sex life is NON of your business, just as the sex life of your wife and yourself is non of OG's business. Leave it as the sex is different. If you and OG want to stand side by side and have a pissing match, and make comparisons fine, but don't ask your wife to be the go-between.


Oh WOW, that came out a little harsh. Sorry! Note to self, don't post before having my morning coffee.

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