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I am often puzzled by descriptions of a "V" in which the two arms are not in close communication, or at least developing their own relationship. My relationship to Rarechild's husband Catfish grows stronger by the day, and the friendship we share is something unlike any other I have ever known. I was pleased to read that you and OG seemed to be getting to know one another better, and it would appear that by doing so, some of your anxieties about him have been relieved, even as new hard truths are told.

You strike me as a highly intelligent man, capable of examining your life without passing judgment on your own emotions. I will be so bold as to say that I believe that you have a heart capable of limitless love. I have no doubt that you are an amazing Father, or that your wife is a fantastic Mother.

With some fear of sounding like I think we know what we're talking about, it may help for you to read our blogs, Catfish's, Rarechild's, and mine. It's all true, I promise, and really encouraging, even as we live it ourselves.
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