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Default Not a good night.

I don't feel well, Haven't all day. Physically mostly, but it's also affecting me emotionally. And sure enough I got into it with T tonight and here I am talking to you because I can't/won't talk to her. Biggest change in my life in 20 yrs and I'm no longer comfortable discussing it with T. Fucking awesome.

In our chat before I came up here to talk to you I asked T why I was the only one learning anything about this, (poly) and why wasn't she doing more to help me. Well as it happens as I came down stairs and just before I started my holier the thou sermon, T was on this very board reading posts in the fireside chat section. Yes really. We laughed, she didn't get upset and we went to sit down and continue our discussion, which instead of being a good experience ended as I described above.

My discussion has left me feeling like I talk to much, whine to much. Embarrassing? pretty much.

I want out. I didn't sign up for this. I've had enough, Ts free to fuck who she wants but I'm not sticking around to watch. it's been fun, ( not really ) but I'm done.

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