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Well, now I may have an excuse to see her tomorrow night. A friend's birthday, and G doesn't seem keen on driving all the way up there for it, and she suggested I go. I asked L if she'd be my date, and she happily accepted, with the caveat that we can't stay at her place, as she has a houseguest (and lives in a tiny little studio).

Now the dilema I have is, do I out us to our friends who I would be staying with? Or do I pay for a hotel room? Hopefully G will not object to the hotel, which I think would be much more fun anyhow.

I need to do something to remind G how important she is to me. We're about to move into our new house, but we're still about a week and a couple days from that. I'm not sure whether I should wait until we've moved in, or if I should take the initiative and cook up something big and special for her now. She's seemed a little down lately, and I don't want that to forment into resentment or anger. She's my #1, and I need to make sure she knows that.... but how? I just bought her a new iPhone 4, and some delicious treats for her birthday, and we've been doing fun stuff together, but it just doesn't seem to be doing the trick. I would have taken HER to the party, but she didn't want to go. I need to figure out something I can do JUST for her. Ideas?
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