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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
Most poly people I have encountered begin relationships in this manner. I haven't met (online or rl) too many that begin with sex first.

As for your location, that of course is a different problem altogether
I think most people do see sex as very important though. But I don't put love and sex together. I prefer to have sex with someone I love, but even then, I don't require a lot of it to keep me sane. =P I really doubt many people would do it on the first date, unless it was something casual to start off with, or some other good reason they might have. But I prefer the love thing to come along, which always takes time. It also means you get to know someone a lot better and finding out whether they are really going to connect in an intimate/romantic relationship, or whether it is better as a friendship.

If they can't accept me as poly, it would hard to even have that friendship though. Whether they agree with it or not, they have to accept me as believing in it, as I would accept them with their beliefs, whether I would believe them or not.
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