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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
Though maybe we'll have to get redpepper or one of the other girls here to take an extra man for you with your 3.
Whaaaat. I have three male loves (actually, another on hold at the moment too!) and a "gurllllly" HMA, you need to get a boy in your life and then we will even up the score HA! so funny

Just for the record I am so not competitive,,, I hope that when Derby sees this she doesn't bring it and try and find me more partners just to compete!

Meh, really, I am just livin it and then get an overwhelming "holy shit" feeling when I think of my life. I just fly by the seat of my pants and smile really... I would think that HMA does the same... stopping to think about it? There is just not time. Besides, there are plenty who have filled their life with loves... they just don't have time to write here!!!! its all a matter of degrees of relationship in the end actually.
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