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Default Polyamory on Bones

Or more precisely, polygyny?

I'm sure it is probably an old episode to those who watch the show regularly, but I just saw it earlier today. One part REALLY annoyed me. Right near to the end. Agent Booth said something along the lines of "you always love one person the most."

I had this terrible feeling in my stomach, like I really had to shout at the TV. I probably would have if my mother wasn't watching it with me. She knows not of my poly ways, as of yet [if ever].

Also, not really related to Bones, but certainly to TV as a whole. Since the whole Charlie Sheen stuff, there seems to be a lot more on polyamory about. Even though half of it is people who call themselves comedians taking the piss out of polyamory, just because he enjoys having sex with 2 different women at the moment. [I've never liked that sex and love have to always be linked directly either.]

Rant over I suppose. I try not to do it too often. =P
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