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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
Stripping is a legitimate career choice in this town, ESPECIALLY in this economy, and the stigma that follows it is as bad or worse than that of poly. Combine the two, and... Well, it's seldom positive. Throw in the stigma of any guy that dates a stripper, much less 3...
That's an interesting thing you've got going there. Do you ever feel like dressing up like a pimp just for fun to annoy people? Big fur suit, big hat.... It's the kind of thing I'd do. haha!

Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
I wish. No, they are still valuable members here. Violet posted a couple of rants about the situation, I posted another take on it, most of the board sided with her (because, apparently, there were "sides"). You'll see that the poor miserable female in any FFM situation gets the lions share of support here, the guy is the fall guy most of the time. Just like IRL, lol.
Yah until the female(s) of a FFM triad come along I have a guess a lot of other females likely think the worst about the guy in one. Until people see the relationship dynamics in real life I don't think anyone can really grasp the situation and they just have their own ideas.

FFM does raise the hair up on the typical feminist, though I'm not sure how many "real feminists" are here? A MMF situation for the feminist is like "yeah 'bout time girl-friend, uh huh, you get dem men under your control" . *Note I embrace what women can do and place no restrictions on them, I obviously think women are great as I have 2 of them.

The reality is, for every woman a FFM takes away from men in general, theres another poly woman taking an extra man, so in the end it kinda balances out I think. Though maybe we'll have to get redpepper or one of the other girls here to take an extra man for you with your 3.
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