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Originally Posted by HappiestManAlive View Post
And those that are open and honest on both points get called liars by both sides.
Well one side (the unthinking side) certainly will believe whatever they want, depending upon the wind and how much radiation is in the air perhaps.

But it's like I said, when I see writing which is highly manipulative, open to interpretation and designed to hit the note with emotional people it is suspicious. Rewriting your needs into something more logical would help convey the message in my mind. The downside being it won't win as many "hearts"?

The truth is there are more people that "react" to words than those who actually analyze them completely.

"I want to find the love possibilities out there and expand my mind"

It's open to so many interpretations and has so much new age and personal growth lingo attached to it no one really knows what you mean. Yet many people just nod their heads, ahuh ahuh. Because it's so open it allows people to believe what they want.

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