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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Speaking of the US account, I've been receiving mail asking me to prove I'm not trying to evade taxes. I have to justify why I have a US address if I'm not a US resident.
Don't feel bad, even US citizens have to actually prove residence. Just write a letter, make copies and send it to who ever is going to ask for it. I work in the financial industry and since 9/11 it's rediculous. We have to have valid drivers licenses, pasports, etc to prove identity and if there is no documentation to prove a physical place of residence, we would be expected to actually drive by the address they listed. It's crazy.

We also have to ask questions about the source (gift, inheritance, wages, other investment, etc) of money, and that's if it's not coming from overseas.

I find it a bit silly, why would I have opened a US account if I wasn't staying here?
Money Laundering. You would not believe the crap we have to study every year on this subject alone, not to mention the "real life" stories of those that actually get caught. There are entire departments in every major financial institution that does nothing but monitor "Anti-Money Laundering" procedures and violations.

Take pitty on the poor person who is opening the account for you, they probably have gone back and forth to their supervisor 20 times, just making sure they have done everything correctly. Don't be surprised if they come back 2 weeks later needing more paperwork signed.
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