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The past few days have been better and much less stressful.

Raga sent the package a few days ago and gave me a tracking number. The package has left Canada and I expect it to arrive next week. I don't know what all is in it exactly, but it's a relief. I've already been here in the US for half of the whole time I'm going to be spending, so I was starting to worry that I wouldn't get to see my things at all.

The transfer I asked for from my French account also finally went through. My French bank card expired earlier than I thought it would and it stupidly took me by surprise (I thought I had all of the month of February but instead it expired on my birthday in France), and I hadn't bought my plane ticket yet because I wanted to be sure about the details. For instance, now it has been decided that I won't be taking my cat along because my situation in France wouldn't be suitable for her (I'll be couch surfing and changing places often), and that affects the purchase of the ticket since you have to mention pets within 24 hours of purchase.

Anyways, my US account finally got the money so I'll be buying my plane ticket.

Speaking of the US account, I've been receiving mail asking me to prove I'm not trying to evade taxes. I have to justify why I have a US address if I'm not a US resident. I find it a bit silly, why would I have opened a US account if I wasn't staying here? But ultimately it's not really a big deal.

I've started working towards getting a lawyer for the divorce, through my grandfather, who hopefully can get things started in France before I move back there, so that it will be faster.

Seamus should also get his first paycheque soon so we'll be fine money-wise from now on.

I've been working on translations since movie to California (first comics, now facebook games) and I hope to be able to find a job as a translator once I move to the US as a resident. I'll have to purchase new tools (dictionaries, thesauruses, specialised dictionaries, that kind of things) but otherwise I'm pretty enthusiastic about it all, I've been able to get some work done regularly so I'm optimistic about keeping the pace when being given paid assignments.

No real poly news. I get along with Seamus as usual, neither of us has much time or interest for a new person at the time... well that's a lie, we're both interested in another person, but both of them have said no, and there is nobody else we're interested in. And neither of us are much into looking for a partner, we're more about liking someone specific and asking them. So we're being "mono", but we talk about poly things a lot (such as the person we like and things like that).
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