Thread: Monogamy...huh?
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I'm seeing the beginnings of the brainwashing in two of my daughters right now -- the 14 and 15 year olds. So much talk about cheating and all the drama and judging over it -- as if we expect kids at that age to "commit" to just one person, for the rest of time! I am appalled, at what my girls are being conditioned to believe. It's like watching them read dated history books, and sitting in class with a biased, ignorant teacher. I'm so glad you started this thread, because it will sure help me educate them, as to the history of all this nonsense. I just downloaded "Sex at Dawn" on my Kindle, so I think that will help too.

"Those who do not know history,
are condemned to repeat it"

-- right???

(I must say I am thankful to the reality tv show, "Sister Wives" -- my 14-year old keeps asking, "When can we get one?")
(I have yet to reply, "Honeybabes, we're actually much, much closer to getting a brother husband..." )
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