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Personally I would let her go with a email on how I prefer people to be up front and honest in my life and most of all considerate of people I chose to be friends and lovers with... but...

I might just strike up a conversation about poly/ethical non-monogamy and some of the foundations and lessons I am grateful to of learned along the way. I would give her the benefit of the doubt that while I completely have no respect for cheating and affairs, I am willing to let go and forgive if I understand a person is just simply naive or ill educated as to its effects on others...

If she were to respond positively and with interest in a different way of behaving and finding partners then I would forgive and work on perhaps doing what Derby suggests. Otherwise, if she seems agitating and unwilling to have patience enough to engage me in how I look at things, then I would say good bye and good luck. Just not worth my time really...

Meh, ya, at this point in my life I think I would not bank on any successful friendship coming out of it though and might just chat a bit and see if anything more develops or if it dies out... she really wouldn't be worth up setting my partner about I don't think.
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