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So, hey, wait a minute... I just read through the old threads... stuff is starting to sink in here...

This is the second girl? You were falling in love with the first girl and thinking about moving her in with you and she bowed out, right?

Then there's this second girl shortly thereafter, and you weren't as into her, and you're together for how long before you guys move her in?

You said she moved in to "help out financially." Who was helping who? Were you guys helping her, or was she helping you?

Either way this isn't the same thing as the girl you were going to help out because she actually needed a place to stay.

And you didn't even like this second girl very much from the beginning, am I right?

WTF were you thinking?!

It was totally stupid of her to move in with you two, but you guys are starting to show a PREDATORY relationship to these young women.

Not just your husband. You. Even if you are allowing yourself to be used, you are still allowing it, and you have a responsibility to this person. Even if the relationship isn't meant to be, even if you and your husband wind up together and she has to go, you have responsibility in part for her being there in the first place.

So, maybe you resent her, but you have (IMO) a moral obligation to be decent and kind to her, even if you can't stand her.

This is just ALL kinds of fucked up.

If this relationship ends, you guys need to take a long, hard look at yourselves before bringing another person into your lives.
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