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You are all right to be honest. I know I am letting myself get "walked on" if those are the best words. He pretty much has given me no choice and if I say I want to leave he says "Well that's up to you". I thought our marriage was stronger than this. As far as a veto goes, we never really used that word, but he told me that in getting involved with someone else, I would always have the last say as I was his wife and he would never want our marriage broken up.

He DID say after I left for a couple of days that things would start changing. He would start spending more time with me and help more around the house. (Since I have been doing it all!) He wants to take me out tonight, just the two of us and she has been sleeping on the couch the past few nights. Things are very awkard with her and I right now. I hardly even want to talk to her because in a way, I resent her. I know that may be wrong, but what's going on with me and him is making me mad at her too. Of course my WHOLE family, friends and even his mother have encouraged me to leave him. How can I just walk out on my marriage when I still feel like there is something left to fight for?
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