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Thank you for all your replies.
I agree with the everything open and share everything idea and I know everyone needs to be kept in the loop with anything pertinant to the relationship(s).
I think though that there is a lot of comfort in venting to someone else and that it can often make someone feel better instantly, or see things in a more simplified verbalized form that makes it less of a big deal, if that happens, then why run to the other and make them worry that something is wrong?

There had been a bit of discussion on this between myself and A as well as myself and B (I emailed C on my f-up to give them a heads up, but haven't really discussed it yet).

What I have decided is to refrain from sharing what has been said to me in private conversations, if I think someone else needs to hear it I will either say the two of them need to talk, or we need to have a group talk.

I get misunderstood easily (especially by A and C) and cannot remember most conversations in detail, I therefore believe that more times than not, turning around telling someone something someone else told me will just do more harm than good and put a chip in not only thier relationship but also my relationship with each of them.

I trust everyone in the group to talk to others when they have a problem instead of letting it fester and build, if they do not, then I think we deserve whatever blow-up comes out of that.

I may have time here today to post my nice little (haha) confusing story for all interested in the indroductions section!!

Thanks again and I look forward to chatting with you all more.
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