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Default Can you forgive a cowgirl/homewrecker?


I have been involved with what some of you may call a cowgirl or a homewrecker. There was nothing sexual, only emails, a couple nights out for drinks and a few phone calls.

I didn't know she was a cowgirl and she didn't know I didn't want to stray..

My SO was clearly hurt by this even if there wasn't any sexual contact.

I am still communicating on a very occasional basis with Ms Cowgirl and believe she want's to play a straight game.

I am not talking about being sexually involved but would like to give here a second chance at friendship.

I cannot blame her 100% since the situation was very convoluted and not exactly clear on my part.

This was my first attempt at reaching out to a second partner and my SO was caught by surprise and made everybody panic. Can't blame her as well.

My SO is reluctant to have me talk to her again yet she says she will give it a chance....when she is ready.

Can this be done? I mean friends? Thanks.
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