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Originally Posted by ambleew View Post
My husband refuses to let her go and said if she leaves there will be a huge chip on his shoulder.
So, now he's threatening you? Who needs that kind of bullshit? What a dick. You seem to be in an abusive relationship. I read your previous threads -- he forced a situation on you and expected you to be involved with this woman whom you are not even attracted to, throws a tantrum when you're not happy, and now gives you an ultimatum rather than consider your feelings. Why do you stay, really?

Originally Posted by Penny View Post
her husband is a manipulative asshole and the OP is playing the doormat.

. . . it sounds like the husband has all the power, and the wife just rolls over and lets him treat her like her opinions don't matter.

And when she tries to stand up for herself, he makes up reasons why her opinions are unworthy of consideration and undermines her self-esteem (which sounds feeble to start with) and her sense of self-worth.

Despicable. And the OP will probably just keep taking it.
Agreed. I also got upset and felt anxiousness rise in me when I went back and re-read the OP's prior threads and this post. Ambleew, it makes me very sad that a woman is being treated like this and you are putting up with it. It sounds like a situation I couldn't stay in for one minute. I'd be changing the lock on the door or getting the hell out myself. Please open your eyes.
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An excellent blog post on hierarchy in polyamory:

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