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Originally Posted by ambleew View Post
Just wanted to send a quick reply to let you all know that we are trying to work on things. My husband refuses to let her go and said if she leaves there will be a huge chip on his shoulder. I stayed at a friend's for a couple of days and came back. I have no idea what the future holds for us at this moment, but right now just kind of going with the flow. I don't want to lose him and right now I can't leave.

Thank YOU for all your responses!
Oops, you posted while I was writing my ludicrously long response.

Congratulations, sounds like you are making progress (choosing to leave for a while IS progress, and the talking IS progress).

I'd focus on reframing the "let her go" question, I discussed this a little already... Keep it about practicalities, the goal was to help her financially not permanently move her in, so the plan needs to focus about that. Don't attack their relationship. I suggest it is even positive for their relationship if they have more time for it to grow together without the complications of 3 people living together!
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