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Originally Posted by RobFire View Post
Gross generalization. Those types of people do exist, but so do the types of people who call themselves poly and also maintain legitimate long term relationships with their partners.

One could reverse that and show that many people calling themselves mono often have nefarious intentions as well.

Issues lurk in both mono and poly relationships. Mono relationships don't have that great a statistical success rate, even in institutionalized marriage.
I'm not quite sure why you're on the "defend poly" crusade. I am poly, so I think you are likely confusing what I am criticizing here.

If you don't want to believe that many "monogamous people" love the idea of polyamory simply because it means they can have more sex, then you can be of that belief. From my own experience with talking to mono people a great deal of them are interested in it merely because of the new sexual possibilities. These people I know have the relationship skills of a casio calculator, yet see the potential of able to have multiple sexual partners and finally not be "cheating" if they do it.

There is this thing in our culture that tells us if we could have sex with others with no repercussions, then we would. It's portrayed in movies and books quite often also. As is cheating and lying about it. If you don't think this segment of society will be attracted to polyamory, or aren't already in it, then again, you can be of that belief.

The reality as I see it is that plenty of people are going to lie about their needs or wants because if they were honest it's much harder to find people that will accept it. The amount of people that will accept someone that just wants to have as much sex as possible is low compared to someone that "wants to find the love possibilities out there and expand their mind".

It is why when I see the same spiritual, non logical lingo used in forums and whatnot it immediately makes me question what is going on with these people. I could hide my true needs behind poetic writing, fancy adjectives and a flurry of compliments and most people would be unaware but I don't do so because it's misleading and manipulative.

Given all this I am aware there are exceptions to the rule, and that there are plenty of people who are honest. It doesn't mean if you are one of these it's time to take the stand against generalizations or feel like I'm attacking polyamory.
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