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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
For example; I have had sex with Pretty Lady twice since we became friends, both times were very rewarding. She and I care about each other as friends and both love her husband, Wendigo, very much, but there has never been NRE between us. With Wendigo, I spent a few months NRE drunk and while the sex was great, it got even better AFTER the NRE wore off.
Not really sure how this proves your point. I wasn't talking about reoccuring sexual activities with one person, but having sex over and over again with anyone. Sex isn't some one off need for most people, it's something that needs to happen again and again. Having the odd random encounter can help boost existing sexual relationships temporarily as it gives you those new memories, but over time that affect will wear off and you will need to repeat it to get the same thing.

You will find that once someone opens up their relationship in this manner they may start off slow but eventually start needing more and more of that new sex to feel the same.

Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
My husband,Wolf's belief is that non-reoccuring sexual activities can be confidence boosting and can actually improve the typical sexual activities with your spouse.
Well you would think this would happen. I'm not really sure why you'd necessarily need to step out of a healthy relationship to get confidence, but alas, having sex with new people certainly will give you more memories and experience to fall back on.
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