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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
Sexual activities need to reoccur to be rewarding. Generally speaking. You may have some good memories, but they pale in comparison to the act of having sex with NRE. As such the sex is the driver for a lot of people, yet they usually say otherwise, because then it's not "love" or "poly" it's just typical sex like most people have.
IMO, sexual activities do not need to reoccur for them to be rewarding. I also disagree with the idea that typical sex pales in comparison to NRE sex.

For example; I have had sex with Pretty Lady twice since we became friends, both times were very rewarding. She and I care about each other as friends and both love her husband, Wendigo, very much, but there has never been NRE between us. With Wendigo, I spent a few months NRE drunk and while the sex was great, it got even better AFTER the NRE wore off.

My husband,Wolf's belief is that non-reoccuring sexual activities can be confidence boosting and can actually improve the typical sexual activities with your spouse.

Originally Posted by RobFire View Post
In some cases, yes. In some cases, no. Depends on what the person seeking sex defines as "rewarding".

NRE+sex is one flavor, Long Term Love+sex is another. Both have different rewards, and neither is necessarily a bad thing.
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