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Default All things being equal...

Truth is, I was a smarty-pants in school. I was gifted, they told me. Special.

Truth is, I rode the short bus to school. They were all slow, they said. Special.

Each morning and each afternoon, I traveled to and from school with a medley of "disabled" kids. They were my friends. Inevitably, these children were made fun of, laugh at, mocked, and marginalized by our classmates. Even as a child I did not suffer fools lightly, and I developed a taste for bully-meat. I was well liked in school, and smart to boot. I learned to use my high IQ and amicable personality as a weapon against bullies, sometimes subjecting them to psychological brow beatings when I was in earshot of their ignorant hazing.

I wish I could say that I was, and am, a totally passive person. I am not. My parents bequeathed to me a passionate heart, and my capacity for great anger is rivaled only by my capacity for great kindness. I believe in the power of love, but there are some hard-cases out there who, in order for them to appreciate said power, need to have their cage rattled. I'm not encouraging violence, as it were, just a well timed and sharpened tongue.

Egotism has a fondness for hierarchy, which is often likened to power and control.

Humbleness has a fondness for appeasement, which is often likened to sacrifice and suppression.

Neither extreme will do. A balance must be struck, an equilibrium maintained. I put myself neither higher nor lower than any other creature.

This is not something that I practice, this is the core of how I live and breathe.

I do not let others command me, or determine my life. I do not like to be told what to do, or how to live. I do not permit others to possess me or my time. I do not encourage others to regard me as their better or lesser. I do not give others stewardship of my happiness.

I am you. We are not only equal, we are part of the same thing.

And if I am you, then I can never become jealous of myself.

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