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@ritafire (thanks for the intro TP )- I have a non sexual boyfriend named Leo. I have written a lot about him in my blog. Especially since the beginning of december 2010 as we broke a boundary with Mono around not having sex. You can read about it there if you wish.

Generally speaking though, our relationship and commitment to one another goes far beyond friendship. Our investment and connection is just as strong as the one I have with my other partners. I don't need to have sex to feel that and neither does he.

Do we feel desire for one another? Yes! Mostly because it is natural to show someone you love them by experiencing them naked and at their most vulnerable. We are not at liberty to go there but we have enough to go on to feel close.

Really our relationship has been our design. It works for us. We meet once a month and have a fantastic date and email and text for the time in between. Our relationship fullfills something in us that is not there in his life or mine and so we decided its perfectly valid to create what works for us. Both of us are very happy with it for the moment. As I said, details are on my blog.
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