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Originally Posted by Kika
I'm sorry you got so much shit from people! That's terrible.
A lot of it has to do with the age gap (I'm 13 years older then Violet and Lana, 10 years older than Adrian) and the fact that they're all insanely hot and their profession. They're all 3 strippers, which somehow makes it different than if they had "regular" jobs and adds to the pimp thing. If they were all overweight middle aged waitresses and office workers (no offense to the middle aged and not stick thin members here, just making a point), I'd be just another guy in a poly relationship. But dating 3 beautiful young exotic dancers means I'm taking advantage of them - even though I've already stated that they pursued me and not the other way around, Violet opened the relationship to poly not me, I do everything in my power to let them be young and silly and treat them as equals (to me and each other), and they were all dancers before I met them, it's not like I "put them to work".

Stripping is a legitimate career choice in this town, ESPECIALLY in this economy, and the stigma that follows it is as bad or worse than that of poly. Combine the two, and... Well, it's seldom positive. Throw in the stigma of any guy that dates a stripper, much less 3...

Originally Posted by Kika
Also, I can't believe someone on a poly forum would say things like that too. Maybe they were a troll?
I wish. No, they are still valuable members here. Violet posted a couple of rants about the situation, I posted another take on it, most of the board sided with her (because, apparently, there were "sides"). You'll see that the poor miserable female in any FFM situation gets the lions share of support here, the guy is the fall guy most of the time. Just like IRL, lol.
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