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Wow, I guess almost everyone has the same problems now and then. I think things will blow over with my family. They'll get over it. I'm just happy that all my friends seem to think it's cute ^_^.

@HappiestManAlive: I'm sorry you got so much shit from people! That's terrible. Also, I can't believe someone on a poly forum would say things like that too. Maybe they were a troll?

@Redpepper: I hope your family will come to accept or at least be able to live with your life style. It totally sucks when the people close to you give you grief.

@Penny: That's so cute! I can totally imagine the cuddles and the dreamy face. I think the girls who see you probably think it's cute too. They probably wish they were you ^^. I feel like there is a double standard when it comes to MMF and FFM relationships. To me is seems, when people see a women with two men, people view that women as sexy, charming, and maybe even powerful? People seem to think, "Oh, she must be amazing because she is with two guys!" But then when people see a FFM relationship they think, "Whoa, look at that pimp! He's such a chauvinist! And those girls must be weak and stupid to be with him." (=____=) I hate that.
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