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I want to add something regarding love and sex.

I watched the movie Black Snake Moan yesterday. It was fabulous! And one thing that struck me was the deep bonding relationship between Lazarus (Samuel L. Jackson) and Rae (Christina Ricci). They never had sex, and their love for each other was so beautiful, rich, deep (well, not at first, lol, but you need to watch the entire movie to get it). I think if they had sex it would have spoiled the movie for me. Their love was deeper than many who have romantic relationships with love and sex. It was just a movie, but I believe this type of love can exist between people.

Would one call themselves poly if they share that type of loving bond with someone without sex? While at the same time also have a sexual romantic loving relationship relationship (marriage or long-term partnership) with someone else? Or do all of the relationships have to include sex if one is to be considered poly? Some of you have touched on this....just throwing my thoughts out there.

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