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Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
In my head I can easily break out friendship and romantic love. I can then split it into crush, lust, puppy love and real long term love.
I can...but...sometimes the lines can get a little fuzzy for me when it comes to men. I am straight, but also feel we are attracted to who we are attracted to, and I have not met a woman that I have had a crush on or felt lust for like I have with men. I am not saying it would be impossible for me to be attracted that way to a woman, it just hasn't happened for me. With women I feel a different sort of love, a strong friendship and admiration and respect, and protective. As far as the men I have been attracted to, I think crush and lust go hand in hand for me. Lust being a strong desire to act upon an emotion or crush. It may start out as a crush, then go into a friendship if the crush does not go into lust, but I like the person. No chemistry I guess you could say. Or I may start as friendship, develop a crush then feel lust. I may start out as crush, move into lust, then friendship, or friends with benefits. I see the sequence of events can be different depending on the person.

Originally Posted by Ariakas View Post
I can understand where this can overlap. But it so doesn't work in the same way. Yes friendship can take away some of those times (or be included), but the emotional connection or removal isn't there. The time itself is very different, and even if there are complex emotions... it just doesn't compare to a love. On the surface you are right but you are missing the deeper emotional side of those periods of time.
I am of this belief as well, for me at least.
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