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Originally Posted by PenguinDreams View Post
Yeah, I probably just shouldn't be in a relationship at all.
Not exactly what I ment. You do need to stand up for yourself and realize that your needs are worth being met and your concerns are valid and they should be addressed. You deserve better than you have been getting, ASK for it, insist on it. Expect better for yourself and address it when you don't get it. If we don't respect ourselves, no one else will either. If our partner is unwilling to respect us, then maybe it is time to walk away.

Lack of respect can show up immediately or it can slowly grow over time. The former is where I was. It wasn't until others started recognizing my teenagers lack of respect for me that I realized what had happened. I had to bring it up in counceling before my husband would do more than just blow me off. Since then there has been a huge change and it is an amazing feeling.
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