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Just wondering if there is anything worth salvaging in the marriage? It is so hard to open the mind to new ideas about love and marriage -- do you think he would be willing, AT ALL? Is he a good dad, how important is co-parenting and how well do you work as a team, in that regard at least?

I don't know, I'm wondering a lot about divorce and if it has to be the only solution. The mainstream world seems to think so, but here in "Polyworld" people seem to ask "what if?" and consider alternative solutions.

Does your husband LOVE you? Underneath all he has learned and been conditioned to believe, does he just want to possess you and be in control, or do you think there is some genuine kindness and respect for you as a human being?

I find that sometimes, what I am rejecting and resentful of is the institution of marriage, as it has been traditionally defined, rather than the actual person I am married to. Sometimes that is hard for me to sort out. It can be hard for me to remember that my husband is as much a victim of the conditioning as I am.

Just some food for thought
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