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Tahnks you all for these first few replies...Mag..I know the fantasy is awlays just that a fantasy...real life is hard and about the husband..I don't know how many people fall into the everyday rut and all passion both for the spouse and for life in general goes away. I have left him..several times.Even divorced him twice..yes, this seems crazy but I came back both times for the kids. I made it work and continue to do so...I can be a great actor and no one but maybe my mom knows exactly how I feel. I fall into that southern and maybe not so southern way of husband is "lord" and wifey minds well...but I just don't mind well anymore!lol..Really in my small area it is Baptist dominated and everything "worldly" is frowned upon. I am in a very difficult position. and for the record I mean opportunity by some job so I can make my OWN $$$...

I know I have to take care of my current situation first and go on from there which is a scary thing. He doesn't want me working and that would be great but it makes me very dependent upon him..just the way he likes it.

But maybe it is better to dream and write about it, it's simple and I'm sure I am not the only unhappy woman to stay in a unhappy marriage. It is a very common thing here.

BUT, thanks for the input...thats what i asked for right?lol
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