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Hello and well met!

Originally Posted by yul View Post
I am wondering if there is a "norm" in the sense that if I have 2 women in my life then do they both have to be good friends?
Not a norm, but often they are. I heard a very good point on this; If there is somebody great enough out there I would be completely comfortable sharing my mate with, what are the chances I would NOT like them too? Compersion can play weird tricks on you too. Of course, some metamours make you just look at your partner and go 'Wow - so they are in love with someone like THAT? What does that tell about them, or me?'

Originally Posted by yul View Post
Also, is there a guideline/balance in the sense that we either spend all the time together (3 of us) or apart?
Please don't spend all the time together. That might feel most comfortable at first but is actually emotionally hugely stressful to everyone involved. Pursue seperate relationships would be my advice, and then when everyone knows everyone, start spending some quality time the three of you together.

Originally Posted by yul View Post
She is OK with me having another girl "friend" yet she wants that communication be shared as well as time spent together.
Shared equally between she and her? As to 'three nights are yours, and three nights are mine, and on Sundays he can sleep alone?' -kind of arrangement? What do you mean by shared communication?
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