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Originally Posted by polynome View Post
The one thing I'm not sure of is how does it work exactly? I can think of a million day-to-day situations where, with casual acquaintances, coworkers, etc. it seems like bringing up polyamory in an otherwise unrelated conversation ("what's your wife doing this weekend?" "oh she's visiting her lover" vs. "oh she's visiting a friend") is beating people over the head with information that they probably don't care to know and would instantly and dramatically turn the conversation toward poly.
I actually find these to be the perfect opportunities. I don't look at it as beating someone over the head with too much information, but why should I have to have that twinge of guilt and uncomfortableness about how I choose to live my life? Someone wants to ask what I'm doing and that happens to be a boyfriend weekend, well, I try to say "I'm visiting my boyfriend" and then quickly move on to whatever plans we may have.

I say try. It's hard.
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