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We eat a lot of veggie fajitas and burritos... mexican food rocks for vegetarians. At least in our house anyway

I make awesome salads with nuts and beans for protein... I eat them almost every day. I add anything I can find, including quinoa and rice and any other grain I find kicking around in the fridge. I put cheesies on and pretend they are croutons whaaaat, I love cheesies! Hawkins only though! and those fritos rings too! Gaud! so bad!

We eat a lot of soup too and add canned beans of lentils.

Peanut butter or any other kind of nut butter on sliced apples is to die for as far as I am concerned...

hmmmm,,, let me see. spaghetti with lentils, nutloaf... which is like meatloaf, but better , stir fry with seasme seeds, pizza with various toppings, including veggie pepperoni, and veggie dogs or veggie burgers... in the summer on we have roasted veg in tinfoil packs on the BBQ... or BBQed fruit sometimes with icecream...

And cheese. lots of cheese.... orange heroin in this house I'm afraid. I would love to be vegan again one day, but for now we need our cheese for some reason
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