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Originally Posted by walterherbert View Post
I don't lust for this new woman in my life, instead I find myself admiring her mind, and the conversations we share. Also she is very affectionate, which is something I've always adored. Your words certainly helped me put my thoughts in to more order.

.....Both my wife, and her have at different points in time told me they have a crush on each other.
Originally Posted by magikman79 View Post
When a Triad relationship really works the rewards are immense. It was a feeling my wife & I had never felt before, it was as if she completed a part of us we never knew was missing.
It sounds like he is talking more about a possible vee relationship no? as he admires this woman but doesn't necessarily love her?

Maybe I missed what you were referring to magikman, but as it followed walter's last post I am assuming it was that post you were referring to... your post doesn't seem to follow somehow... sorry, confused

Perhaps your partner and this woman Walter, admire each other also... who knows what their definition of a "crush" is. You'd have to ask them I think.
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