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I was composing songs since the age 9. I studied classical music for 4 years and then jazz for 8 years.

I was very big into the jazz scene until I became deafblind. People used to jokingly call me Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder (not that I'm of either their caliber but just because I was a blind jazz musician and supposedly share some of their body language. Wink.)

Now I am looking into other ways of experiencing music, such as through vibrations. I can't hear most of the types of music I used to enjoy so much before, such as jazz, folk, and classical, but I am entering new worlds and new tastes, thanks to my deafness. I met a metal-jazz fusion artist the other day and was able to enjoy his music with the volume cranked up.

Anyway, I have several of my songs recorded on YouTube under the username nikamirovak if you're interested. As much as I would love to hear everyone else's music, I can't -- unless your music is very loud to begin with, then I'll give it a whirl. I love listening to music really loud so I can feel the vibrations and feel it resonating through my ribcage and the objects around me.


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