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I think that what people think of you is all in the way you market yourself to others really. If you come across as less than humble and show off that you are the king of your world, or in my case the queen, then people will roll their eyes, judge and accuse you of a whole slew of things.... sometimes that can happen in RL just in coming out.

When I came out my family thought there must be something wrong with me to be cheating and that PN just puts up with me being with Mono (we haven't come out about Derby or Leo or anyone else along the way). Then they thought there must be something wrong with PN if I chose to be with Mono. Apparently PN HAD to accept it because he was in some way flawed... then it was Mono must be desperate and wanting to cling onto our family to help him because he fucked up his own family. Accompanying that was that he would fuck up our family also. Of course where it started was that Mono had some kind of motive to steal our child to have sex with and... oh ya! and our house. gets better, ... and my parents property that we shared with them... They asked us to sign the property all over to them, which we have done. Now they have property that we once shared and have built a house on it that we have to wait to be asked to go and visit. Actually, just recently I asked if I could go there and they said yes... but just me and LB so far, I darent ask if Mono could come! Still, it showed that we love them and took them seriously by not pushing the issue with lawyers and suing and blah blah blah. Still hurts though but not as much as it did back then
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