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Originally Posted by preciselove View Post
Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
you are talking time no? In my experience it is time that limits my love, or tries too. I can feel love and not express it because of time... that doesn't limit love though.
If there is a time limit on love, then how would you know you have infinite love? You haven't been able to reach the point of saturation yet due to time constraints.
.......Tell me how many people you could handle in a close relationship? You seriously believe if time was infinite your brain could hold all the information needed for 20, 50, 100, 1000 people? Let alone an infinite amount......Not only would time need to be infinite, so would the brain's storage. Basically saying love is infinite is a cop out in my opinion because it will never happen while we are humans and have a 4th dimension called time. "Love is infinite" seems like the war cry of NRE addicts trying to rationalize why they need to have a new boyfriend/girlfriend every month.
I think you missed my point here. I love every one of the partners I have had throughout my life. They each hold a special place in my heart and that will never change. When I see them again I am flooded with that love. In the mean time it comes up when I think of them. I don't need to see them to feel it.

Same as with my partners now. I don't have to be near them to feel love for them. I find that time with them is a precious commodity and that is worth savouring and being grateful for, but that is not a direct correlation of how much I love a person.

If spending time with someone indicates love then that is a personal believe, I think, not a world belief. My love language does not tell me that I need to spend time with those I love to feel loved and to give love. Some of theirs do, sure and we make attempts to make sure that time is spent as often as possible. I would hazard a guess, as an example, that Leo does not equate love with time... PN and Mono both do. Derby does too I think, although perhaps not as much, or maybe we have adjusted to suit the situation we are in. I don't know, she could answer that more for herself I think...

I have handled and do handle the love of hundreds of people. I don't know intimate details about them and I don't pretend that I am close to them either, but again, as I have said in previous posts, I think this is about definition here,,, or description of how one personally loves. I don't seem to love the same way as you do preciselove. Your love is perhaps more precise mine is perhaps more expanding.

As for an NRE cop out... well maybe for some. I have certainly heard people here say that they loved someone more in a one night stand of fucking than other lovers they have been with for a longer period of time.

I personally don't see how you could know someone enough to warrant anything other than a chemical reaction, but that is largely due to the fact that "knowing everything (whatever that means)" is what makes me fall in love with someone... I have not experienced this in one night of sex. Sure, the sex can be good, but I have not left the next morning feeling love for them... but then that is me and perhaps NRE junkies get that and are addicted to that and that is how it is for them. It sounds like it could be true for them rather than a cop out.
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