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Professional musician here I've been lucky to have been able to make a living in music for most of my professional life (up until a couple of years ago when I started a day job teaching autistic kids). I have a bit of a broad and scenic career, but I'll try to get as much of it as I can in here...

(Oh yeah, and I have to plug GreenEarthAl and his music...he is an AMAZING performer and must be seen live if you have the chance!) goes:

Flute playing:
I did an undergrad degree in flute and voice and was gigging pretty well and got onto the sub rosters of a couple of decent orchestras when I fell on my hand and couldn't play for a couple of years. Other things developed during that hiatus and even though the flute career kinda took a detour, I can play again and do weddings and such, but not as much as I used to. Would love to step that up again.

I studied singing in college and continued to build a career when my flute playing had to stop. I've worked in professional operas and musical theaters. After I was doing these opera and musical gigs for some time, I realized it might be good to get more training so I went and got a masters in musical theater. I also gig at churches and weddings, sang in a jazz group for a while and did some backup vocals for an Afro-pop band for a bit.

When I fell on my hand and couldn't play, I started getting more involved in conducting. I directed some community concert bands and then started directing and conducting musicals and operas for a while. These days it's more focused on choir conducting. I've done some church choir directing and was directing a fun community choir back in London.

I got my certification and spent some years teaching in the public schools. I've directed everything from marching band to school choirs and everything in between. These days I do more private instruction in flute and singing. I also do a lot of singing workshops for community groups. I *love* community songleading and love it when people connect through their singing. I also teach performance master classes whenever I get those gigs.

I worked in the theater education department for a big music theater for a while and did a lot of composing of kids shows while I was there. I've done a lot of arranging for other people or setting other people's stuff to music and a small bit of film soundtrack work, but would love to try more. Just before I left London, I was working with a contemporary dance company as their composer and had just had some music of mine performed in a pretty significant venue..that was awesome!

I studied African percussion with a guy from Guinea for a while and played in his Afro-pop band. As I've been working more teaching kids with autism it's been fun exploring how music can help with their language and general connections. I play a bit of guitar and a lot of piano, but consider myself a good faker more than skilled at it. Sometimes I just write songs for the fun of it. Maybe I'll pursue that more someday, but my plate is pretty full
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