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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
Ok - so "reality" to you would be living in an ideal world - where all our wants were met - and also the #1 priority for everyone we are in some relationship ?

Now it would seem to me (just lil ol me) that the foundation here is heavily rooted in that concept of "right" partner, - everyone else being 'lesser'.
Maybe this is REAL to you. I'm just glad it's not to me !
I'm along the lines of Ariakas that I believe love is equal. However love isn't the only part, or even the biggest part of a personal relationship.

Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
There was never any assumption that all "lovers are equal" as you say because I don't believe in equality ! But I do believe in uniqueness And if you haven't notice by now - being "politically correct" is pretty near the bottom of my priority list lol
Ok, my assumption was a little wrong, sorry about that. But I still don't believe you can find a replacement for what you are missing simply by finding enough unique people, at least not in all cases.

I read poly stories where people say "I'm not interested in Cars like my partners new girlfriend is, so they have that kind of interest whereas I don't. It's good my partner can talk about cars with someone they like." Interests alone are things friends are for, I have many people I can relate to through my interests yet it doesn't mean I want to sleep with them, or be closer to them.

A lot of poly people seem to be of the mindset "if you're honest with what you're doing it's fine" and I agree. However to me you need to SELL me on why I should give a close part of myself away to someone. Just because we have a few shared interests and you're attractive isn't a reason to me. Am I missing out on some sex? Yes. But to me it's not enough motivation to constantly put myself under disease risk or give others a part of myself I like to keep special for my loved ones.

I just see a lot of lovey dovey crap with people trying to justify and rationalize the sweet taste of poontang. I just don't see why people do the logical gymnastics to support their lifestyle if its like that, just come out and admit you want some regular, casual sex and be done with it. I feel they aren't really being honest with themselves or their partners when they just throw everything under the "love" cloud - "oh yeah that boner in my pants I just got for that girl is love baby, and remember polyamory is about sharing the love" .

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